Friday, November 4, 2016

some things to do

Do your homework before the weekend.
Don't skip breakfast
Get faster at running
Find some music you've never heard before
Fold your laundry
Go to bed early
Stay up late
Scare someone
Write down some of the things on your mind
Start Christmas shopping
Make dinner for the whole family
Write in that journal you started a while back
Read a chapter out of the Bible
Wear your favorite shirt
Bring/send someone chocolate
Do a favor for someone
Learn to sing a song you like
Fix something that's broken
Make a list of things you want in life
Work towards one of those things
Post on your bloooooggg duh
Find a new way to do your hair
Hug someone for at least 6 seconds
Practice growling 
Watch Lord of the Rings
Sharpen all the knives you own
Eat an apple

Remember to wear gloves when working with barbed wire, kids.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Footsteps on stone and glances at the sky 
You ripped open every stitch in my poorly sewn heart.
And yet somehow, kept me from falling to pieces. 

The cool darkness gave way to roaring water,
 I gladly drowned in the sights and sounds.
Who knows when I'll come up for air. 
once upon a world, life was kind kinda hard.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


The sleeves had been cut off my t-shirt
And there was dirt on my shorts and in my hair

When drop by fiery drop, the stars cascaded to the earth. 

(I was thinking about you) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Moonlight Insomnia

I cannot sleep when the moon is bright,
I simply can't, try as I might.

Silver light streams across my face,
And slips through the leaves, turning to lace.

Down the windowsill, and spilling on the floor,
It saunters into my head, banging open the door.

You, them, her, It and we,
Him's and I's are all set free.

Bright eyes and moonlight are dangerous things,
They'll keep you awake like the song someone sings.

And I have to get up, you know that I do.
The moon should keep to herself, all these visions of you.

But there's not much to be done, I just squeeze my eyes tight,
To wait it all out and for morning light. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

'ear 'ear

My whole body shook with terror.
I sucked in a breath, to appease my gasping knees.
Or tried to.
But my lungs weren't taking oxygen at that time.
Which was a shame, because my heart was already off and racing.
Desperately I tried again, but it was too late.
Too late.

I was ready. I was braced.
The world was going to end, everything was going black.
I saw you then. I saw... You.
But the world was still so wonderfully green.
Isn't that all wrong?
But, oh.
Oh right.

I totally found a piece of wood that looks like an ear. How cool is that?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


   Walk. Stop running from care.
In fact, sit down and crawl for a bit.
    I'm lying here with you.
My knees are bleeding too, our wounds are twin expressions of integrity.
    So hold my hand and stop for a bit.
Walk. For once, slow down.
    Say hello and smile at me with your eyes.
Or better yet, smile with me,
    And we'll brighten the day of every passerby.
Walk. Walk with me.